Giggle, Giggle, Quack
  Doreen Cronin
Picture & Story Designed by Beth Fowler

farmer brown

Giggle, Giggle, Quack!  Farmer Brown decides it is time for a vacation.  His brother, Bob, is left in charge of all the animals on the farm.  Farmer Brown leaves Bob a list of things to do with a special warning to watch out for Duck.  He is instructed to keep a very, very close eye on him.

The animals giggle and snicker as Farmer Brown drives away...

Duck finds a pencil on the ground and begins writing notes to Bob.  Oh no!  Bob thinks the notes are from Farmer Brown!  The first note tells Bob to order pizza for the animals. 
That night, all of the animals feast on pizza in the barn.

Giggle, giggle, cluck!

The next note from Duck orders Bob to give all the pigs bubble baths because they have sensitive skin.  He washed them all!

Giggle, giggle, oink!

Farmer Brown calls to check on the animals, and warns Bob again to keep a close watch on Duck.

Giggle, giggle, moo, giggle, oink, giggle, quack.

The last note tells Bob that it is movie night.  Farmer Brown calls during the movie and all he hears are all of the animals inside of his HOUSE!

Bob finds out that Duck can write!  He's been fooled!

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