Getting to Know Your Five Senses
This Topic Quest was designed for Mrs. Moore's Kindergarten Class at S.L. Mason
by Ebony Colbert, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

                brain with all five senses
Have you ever wondered what senses are? Do you know which body parts goes with your five senses? Have you ever wondered why the five senses are important? Did you know that each sense has a purpose? Well the five senses are hearing, tasting, smelling, seeing, and feeling. Most people have use of all their senses, but some people do not. Which sense do you think you use the most?

man hearing
Have you ever wanted to know the different parts of the ear? Do you wonder how do we hear? Have you ever wondered why we have two ears. Click HERE to discover the answers to these amazing questions and many more.
colored eye
Have you ever wanted to know the differents funtions of the eye? Do you wonder how do we see light? Have you ever wondered about the different eye disorders? Click HERE to find out the answers to these puzzling questions and many more.
flower for smell
Have you ever wondered about the five senses? Do you want to know the how all five work together? Click HERE to  discover the  answers to these wonderful questions.
green eye for sight
Why do some people wear glasses and others don't? What is a retina? What is a cone? Click HERE to see!
people eating for taste
Come and discuss the five senses with Jay Jay the Jet Plane. Click HERE find out about the five senses.
brown ear
What are ears? What is sign language? What does it mean to be deaf? Click HERE to find out!
     open hand
Do you want to play a game? Have fun playing I Spy. Click HERE!
the five senses
Have you ever wondered why dogs can smell better than adults? What are cilia? Click HERE to find out!
blue eye
Have you ever wondered how a lady butterfly taste her food? How do bloodhound dogs help the police? Click HERE to see!
dog with tongue out
How does the encyclopedia define senses? How do the encyclopedia define hearing, seeing and smelling? Click HERE to find out!

blue eyes
Can You Find Your Favorite Toy Without Using Your Eyes?

Now that you have learned about the five senses, it is time to complete a MISSION!! I know that you will be just fine because you are smart. Your mission is to imagine you are in TOYS R US, the place that has all the toys.The owner tells you to get one item you want out of the store for free. But, you will have to be blindfolded. How will you find the favorite toy? What senses would you use? Review the TOUCH website again to refresh your memories on how things feel. Review the SOUND website to refresh your memories on how things might sound.

1. Get paper and crayons from your teacher.
2. Draw your favorite toy.
3. Write how your favorite toy feels?
4. Does your favorite toy have a sound? If so, write the sounds that is make.
5. Write what senses you are are going to use besides your eyes to find that special toy.
6. Give the drawing to your teacher.

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