The Fall of Freddie the Leaf
Written by: Leo Buscaglia
Page Designed  by: Ebony Colbert

picture of tree
    This story is a great story about the life and death in nature. It shows how leaves live and eventually die.
    There was a leaf named Freddie. He was an older leaf. He had been through winter, spring, summer and fall. In the story he had to deal with the death of his fellow leaves. Some of his fellow leaves died in fall. Some died in winter.

    This was a great book that demonstates that death is not just a part of human life, but is also a part of nature. This is an excellent book for children.

Critical Thinking Questions:

1) Why do you think it was important for the author to write this story?

2) What other parts of nature depicts life and death?

3) Since reading the book, how have your outlook of leaves changed?

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