Thinking of Thanksgiving
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Everson's Kindergarten Class at Sallas Mahone Elementary School. Designed by Danielle Peak, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


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Do you know why Thanksgiving  began?
Who made Thanksgiving a national holiday?

How did the Indians help the Pilgrims?
Do you know what the voyage to the New World was like?

How did the Indians live?
What was the name of the group of Indians who helped the Pilgrims?

Who are the Pilgrims?
Why did the travel to the New World?

What are the customs of Thanksgiving? This excyclopedia will help you find out.

Mission Activity

Okay, all aboard the Time Travel Express Train. You have the great opportunity to travel back in time to an era of Pilgrims and Indians. You and your partner are photojournalist (a person who tells a story or events through pictures) and are going to cover the story of Thanksgiving day. With you imaginary cameras show the events of the day. Make sure to capture plenty of pictures. You will want to show your friends later of you adventure.
Mission Activty Steps
1) Review the websites for more background information. This website in particular will give you more information about Thanksgiving.

2) Think about what scenes stick in your mind. You and your partner discuss the things about Thanksgiving that you liked the best.

3)You each will draw two pictures (using crayons and drawing paper) illustrating different events of Thanksgining.

4) You then will tell about your pictures. The instructor, using a index card, will write a sentence that you state describing the picture.

5) You will then give your pictures to the instructor. They will be handed back at a later time.

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