Adventure into Outer Space

This TopicQuest was designed for a couple of great kids in Georgia
By Renee Elliott, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


Excitement builds as you prepare for your journey into outer space.  Have you ever wanted to travel to the moon?  Prepare yourself to learn lots about space travel, planets and their moons, galaxies, and meteors.
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nebula Astronomy is the study of events outside the Earth's atmosphere.  This history is like looking at the stars.
The space shuttle makes trips to outer space.  Do you know how many space shuttles the United States of America has?
Meteors travel through outer space.  Meteor showers is another name for shooting stars.
The Earth's moon has been landed on several times by different types of spacecrafts.  Listen to this clip of the Apollo 11 landing.
The universe is made up of galaxies.  There are several galaxies in our universe.  Learn how they are formed.
This encyclopedia will assist you in learning more about outer space.

Mission Activity

The year is 2050 A.D.  You are trying to get a job at Space Quest Enterprises.  You want to be a space shuttle guide in outer space. Part of your job application is to prove that you have knowledge about 1 planet.  
You must present your information in the form of an advertisement poster.  On the poster you will draw the planet and give 4 interesting facts about the planet.  
Be imaginative and include the cost, the amount of time it will take to get there, and how many people will be on the flight.
End with your name as the person to see to get more details.  Then list your experience and education as a shuttle guide.

Mission Steps

1.  Learn more about planets by going to this solar system website.
2.  Pick your planet.
3.  Organize your poster into 4 sections:
    A.  Heading and Introduction
    B.  Planet Drawing
    C.  Planet Details
    D.  Cost of Trip, Trip Details, Your Experience and Education
4.  Work on poster.

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