Down On The Farm
This page was designed for Mrs. Hasting's Kindergarten Class
at S.L. Mason Elementary School By Dede Barfield
a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

1.  Learn all about the different animals on the farm.  This website has lots of animals you might see on a farm.

2.  Farm animals are used for many different resources.  This website describes the many things humans use farm animals for.
 3.  This website is full of interesting things about farms, but I would like you to look at the link that tells all about the foods produced on farms.


4.  All the farm animals make very different noises, and this website will allow you to listen to each farm animal's voice.

5.  Farms are also places to have fun, and this website lists lots of fun things that children can do on the farm.

6.  Farmers have lots of tasks to perform, and to do those tasks, farm equipment is needed.  This website has all of the farm equipment you could imagine.

7.  Safety is always an important factor when visiting or living on a farm.  This website teaches farm safety for children.

8.  Crops are grown on just about every farm, and this website not only lists crops that are grown, but it also tells how to grow and take care of the crops.
9.  There are several animals on farms that people depend on for food.  This website describes milking of cows and also hatching of chicken eggs.

10.  Did you know that the foods found on farms can provide nutritious and yummy snacks?  This website has several recipes with quick and easy snacks for children.



My Very Own Farm
Scenario Activity
Imagine that you had your very own farm.  What animals would you have?  Each animal has  very special needs that must be met.  With the animals that you choose, what things would you have to do to take care of them? 

To learn about all the differnt animals on the farm, the students can visit this website.  As soon as the students find out what animals they would like to have on their farms, they can then begin to draw their pictures. 

After the children have chosen the animals they wish to have on their farms, they will need to decide what types of farm equipment they will need to take care of the animals and the crops they have. 
 Now, pretend you are the owner of your very own FARM, and have fun imagining all of the things you will have there!!! 


For more information, see my Topic Lesson Plan. Dede's Web Page Preservice Teacher