What Do You Know
About the Rainforest?

This Topic Mini-Research and Literature Web Page
was developed for Mrs. Jamie Connell's third grade class at Annie Belle Clark. 
Designed by Deanna Griffin, A Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

Picture of the rainforest

Tropical Layers

How many parts are there to the Rainforest?  Lets discover how many levels of the rainforest there really are.  Travel to the Strata-Science Museum of Minnesota to find out!
What kind of animals live in the rainforest?  Lets go look at animals that live in the rainforest.  Click here and get a peek.
Man around a Globe
Where are the rainforests located?  Follow me to the different rainforest of the earth.  Your just a click away from find out where some rainforest are lets go to Missouri Botanical Garden net to find out. 

monkey up a tree Why is the rainforest important?   Lets find out why the rainforest is so important.   Take a look!   Lets also find out what kind of food that is grown from the rainforest!

Real World Activity
Let's Be an Explorer!

    Let's imagine that we are great explorers and we are leaving camp to go on our adventurous expedition.  Before we leave our campsite we are checking our backpack to make sure that we packed snacks that were specifically grown in the rainforest.  We finally leave our camp in the Amazon Rainforest.  On our journey we will take photos of animals that we may see on the trip.  Not only will we take photos, but we will take photos of the animals in the section of the rainforest that they live in. The Strata-Musesum of Minnesota will help to decide in what part of the rainforest the animals live.      

Guide to the Exploration
1.)  Take a piece of paper and draw at least 5 snacks that are in your back pack.
2.)  Label all the snacks!
3.)  On a seperate sheet of paper draw at least 4 trees and the different strata levels.
4.)  Label all the strata levels!
5.)  Next, as we journey through the rainforest draw at least 5 animals that you saw.
6.)  Label all the animals!

Topic Literature Activity

The Rainforest Book

The Magic School Bus:
In the Rain Forest

  By Joanna Cole & Illustrated by Bruce Degen

Topic Literature Activity
A.   CLick on the picture to get a short review about the Rainforest!

B.  List your four questions of understanding that you are going to ask youstudents while you are reading the book to them. (These are the same for questions of understanding in your lesson plan.)

1.  What is Cocoa? What can you make with Cocoa?
  Do you remember what a canopy was?
3.  Why wasn't Mrs. Frizzes tree producing cocoa beans?
4.  How did Mrs. Frizz and the students solve the problem?
C. List your 2 critical thinking questions based on your book.  (These are the same 2 critical thinking questions in your lesson plan)

If you were a student in Ms. Frizzle's class tell what would you like to do and explore in the rain forest? 
2. I
f you could be any animal in the rainforest what would you be? Why?

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