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     Hi!  My name is Deanna Griffin.  I  received my Associate of Science Degree at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College in Fall of 2005.  I am currently enrolled at Valdosta State University in the Interrelated Special Education program and the Early Childhood program.  I am currently working on my third year of college with my goal as my Bachelors Degree.  

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     There are a couple of great websites that if I were a teacher I would enjoy using them in my classroom.  One of the websites is called Kids Know It.  It has facts about any subject that you want to learn and it has illustrations.  Not only does it have fun-filled facts, but it also has great learning games that children would enjoy. Another website that I would consider using is called Fun Brain.  There are lots of fun learning and educational games that would easily keep the attention of children who love to learn. 
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     My hobbies and interests are simple, but I enjoy everyone of them.  I love to play the piano at home or at church.  I have been playing the piano for thirteen years, (since I was eight years old).   Not only do I enjoy playing the piano, but I also play other instruments, like guitar, and the bass guitar.   My family and myself enjoys listening to music. A great music website is Childrens Music Games.  This website helps to create your own music using games as a guide.    

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     The place where I grew up is called Evarts, Ky.  A little town in the southern part of Kentucky.  There were plenty of mountains and plenty to do.  They  took the little town and made a big ATV park where people could come from miles around to ride their ATV's and camp in the mountains.  You can see where I lived and find out all about it at Evarts,Ky website

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