Great Composers and    Musical Instruments.
    This page was made especially for Mrs. Armstrong's  5th grade music class at West Gordan Elementary School!
                      Made by Danielle Glazer, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.
  1. Click here to see and hear musical instruments from around the world. This site also has an activity where you guess the instruments.

2. This site is called Mozart's Magical Life! Read this interactive biography of Johannes Amadeus Mozart. The story book has pictures, links to more information, and audio files of Mozart's compositions. Be sure to scroll down and hit the forward button to read the story!

  3.Click here to read about the biography of Ludwig Van Beethoven. You can read about where he was born, the works he created, and the music he wrote!

4.Click here to play the virtual keyboard! This site provides an interactive keyboard where you click on a key and play a note.

5. This site is cool for kids! Learn about classical music and the instruments that great composers use.

6. This site includes lyrics to hundreds of kids' songs with more added all the time. It also includes some stories and activities. Click here to go to the kididdles page!

7. This is the internet piano page. Listen to professional pianists play works by Bach, Beethoven, and more.
8. Learn about the different families and different types of instruments. This site has excellent definitions and pictures.

  9.Read up on music history and listen to music samples from different periods. Includes a glossary of musical instruments, composers, and more! So click here to enter the Music Room.
10. This link introduces the most important topics in reading music. Find out how easy it is to learn and read music!

Activities Be sure to scroll down and look at Terry and Kristy's Artwork!!!!!

1. Describe Activity Pretend you are a music reporter and must tell about the lives of two great composers. Using the sites above, compare the lives of  two of your favorite composers. Write a paragraph for each one and make sure you tell your readers why these two composers are your favorite.
2. Grade Level 5th Grade
3. Subject Area Language Arts and Music
4. Georgia's QCC Standards Language Arts (Written) 5.31: Draws conclusions, makes predictions, compares /contrasts, and makes generalizations.
Music 5.1: Responds to a variety of instrumental and vocal styles and origins through listening, moving, singing, and playing instruments.

1. Describe Activity Pretend you are an artist for your school newspaper. Your assignment for the paper requires you to listen to a variety of instruments and then draw one that most interests you. You can see and hear instruments from the site above. Under your drawing, tell why you liked the sound of the instrument you choose. 
2. Grade Level 5th Grade
3. Subject Area Art and Music and Language Arts
4. Georgia's QCC Standards Art 5.1: Produces artworks and graphic design that use selected subject matter, including symbols and ideas, to communicate a message.
Music 5.7: Creates simple accompaniments in a variety of media.
Language Arts (Oral) 5.4: Recalls, interprets, and summarizes information presented orally. 

         Here is Kristy and Terry's Artwork. They are 5th graders at West Gordan Elementary school.      

The activity that these students did was art and writing!We had a good time with this activity because the students used my internet web page to locate their favorite instrument. Then we printed out their favorite instrument from one of the sites above. We used the photos to guide us to make a perfect model. Then the students had to tell what made them choose this instrument as their favorite and write me one sentence.I had fun doing this activity and I know the kids enjoyed it as well. Thank you Ms. Armstrong for letting me work with your students!!!

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