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Hello and welcome to my web page for elementary students!
    Education is the cornerstone of progress in this nation and the world.  I chose early childhood education because I want to make a difference not only for our nation but for each individual child. Another reason I chose educating children as my career choice, is because I believe that I have the ability to instill greatness in each child and portray a positive attitude about school. I believe that it is an honor to become an educator simply because you have the power to make a child achieve goals and excel in areas that they never new existed. The look on their faces when they learn something new is all the incentive I need.
    If I had to choose which person had the greatest influence in my decision to go into education, I would say my parents.They both always made sure that I understood how important getting a education would be for my future. They encouraged school projects and events and made sure to portray a positive outlook on education. However, it wasn't until I reached high school that I finally realized I could be the person that makes a child have a good future. I realized this all through baby-sitting our neighbors. I provided positive encouragement and in return they looked up to me as a role model. The idea that kids are depending on you to make them who they are and how  they view education is yet another reason I want to teach elementary school. When I told my parents that I had made my career choice they said that they couldn't imagine me doing anything else.
    In the future, I hope to be able to make a difference in everything that I take- on regarding teaching. I hope one day to start a program on positive reinforcement for teachers to use on students. I believe that before learning is accomplished the children must believe that they can do it. I also want to look into programs, such as virtual reality in computer labs, that make learning fun instead of boring. As a teacher, I want students to know that you never stop learning and I will model that idea to them.

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