Coach Gunn's       Econ Class            2008- 09

Designed by: Dusty M. Gunn, MS Sports Science

Camden County Wildcats

    Here in Camden County Georgia we have a hidden jewel of a small town that is rapidly becoming known for its charm and quite coastal living at its best. Camden County High School is a large (3,000 + students) public education institution that has a cutting edge approach to education which serves both the students and the community well. The administration is dedicated and inspiring in their commitment to excellence. Our students are some of Georgia's best and brightest and excel in every aspect of achievement.

     In addition to teaching social studies I am the secondary coach for the mighty Wildcats. The boys in blue should be garnering national attention in 2008. Sports are a big part of my family- we enjoy and support all competitive athletics. This past Spring I published a book- a children's story called, 'Paul and Peter Possum'. I am an active and published member of the AFCA- American Football Coaches Association.

     My economics class is a college prep graduation requirement for all seniors in the social studies department. The study of economics is in simplest terms the social study of peoples wants in the face of scarcity. That is to say people have unlimited wants- and all resources are limited. I take a hands on approach to education and believe that my involvement in my students success goes beyond the boundaries of my specific classroom. Whether on the field, in the class, or as an advisor my main focus is the success of my students. Parents please feel free to contact me via email link below. You can check your child's grade updated daily at: Camden BOE.

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