This Topic Mini-Research Page was developed for
 Mrs. Horne's Kindergarten Class at Odum Elementary
Designed By: Dani Friedlander, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

thanksgiving picture

pilgrims and indians
Where did the very first Thanksgiving take place and who was there? When you visit this website you will find out about the very first Thanksgiving. This site tells you where the first Thanksgiving took place, who was there, and why we celebrate Thanksgiving today.
How did the Pilgrims travel to America? When you visit this website you will take a look at the Mayflower. This is the ship the Pilgrims traveled on to come to America. This website tells you where the Pilgrims slept. It also will tell you how long it took the Pilgrims to get to  America.
What was it like when the Pilgrim's first arrived in America? In this video clip you will find out what coming to America was like for the Pilgrims. You will also find out why the Pilgrims decided to come to America. This video also shows you how the Pilgrims were dressed during their time.
What are some family traditions you participate in when you celebrate Thanksgiving? Here you will see a Thanksgiving Alphabet. When you visit this website you will see pictures of family traditions that begin with every letter of the Alphabet. Try to find something your family likes to do on Thanksgiving!

  hatThanksgiving Mini-Research Real World Activity

    You will be given the opportunity to share your family traditions with the Pilgrims and Indians. Imagine your family has invited real Pilgrims and Indians to have dinner with you and your family. The Pilgrims and Indians will want to show their family how they spent Thanksgiving Day at your home.
    Your mission is to create a picture of a dish or food you will have on your table for Thanksgiving dinner or create a picture that represents a traditional activity your family will have on Thanksgiving Day. The Pilgrims and Indians will take your picture back to their home. They will show their families the traditions you shared with them. They might even decide to make it their own tradition!
    To complete this mission, I have provided for you a website that has pictures of traditional Thanksgiving treats! You may visit this website to get some ideas of what you want to draw.

Steps to Complete Real World Activity

Step One: You must think about some traditions that your family has on Thanksgiving Day.

Step Two: Visit the website that has pictures of some Thanksgiving traditions to get some ideas of how you are going to draw your picture.

Step Three: Use the paper and crayons provided by your teacher and draw a picture that represents a tradition that you and your family have. Your picture can be of food your family enjoys every year. Your picture can also be an activity your family enjoys together.

Step Four: Give your drawings to your teacher to scan and post on the Internet.

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