St. Marys Lake in Glacier National Park
Recommended National      Park Guidebooks and Videos
Travelers have access to many valuable sources of information that will enhance a visit to a national park.  The National Park Service web site at is one such source.  Here you will find information about facilities, activities, and other worthwhile things to know about each of the 403 units managed by the National Park Service.  It is a good idea to acquire one or more books to read at your leisure and take along on your trip.  If you will be spending a substantial amount of money on a national park vacation you may as well do some preparation before departing on the trip.  Below are some sources of information that we believe offer good value.  Spending a little time and money beforehand will almost certainly prove beneficial to enjoying your travels.
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National Park Lodges
Complete Guide to the National Park Lodges, 8th ed.  by David and Kay Scott.   An in depth review of every national park lodging facility from Yellowstone icon Old Faithful Inn to Rocky Knob Cabins on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Includes information about capacity, handicap access, activities, rates,  food service, and making reservations.  Advice on which rooms to request based on views, size, etc.  Also, considerations in choosing a place to stay when two or more lodges are in the same park.  A valuable resource for anyone considering a trip to a national park.    Order this book from Amazon
Frommer Easy Guide to National Parks of the American West
National Geographic Guide
National Geographic Guide to the National Parks of the United States, 8th ed.  The updated edition of this best-selling guide to America's national parks.  Glossy paper and plenty of excellent color photographs.  Coverage concentrates on the big, popular parks, an advantage for some readers, but a disadvantage for individuals searching for out-of-the-way units managed by the National Park Service.  A compromise between a small coffee table book and a guidebook to accompany you on a cross-country trip.    Order this book from Amazon

Great Lodges of the National Parks, vol. 2  by Christine Barnes.  The follow up to her Great Lodges volume.  Another coffee table book describing the history, architecture, and romance of ten historic lodges including Lake Hotel in Yellowstone, Furnace Creek Inn in Death Valley, Glacier Bay Lodge in Glacier Bay, and Jackson Lake Lodge in Grand Teton.  Despite the title, several of the lodges are not in national parks.  Published as a companion to the PBS lodge series.  
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Ansel Adams: Our National Parks by William Turnage and Andrea Stillman.   This 130-page paperback with its narrative and seventy-eight b/w photographs is enduring evidence of Ansel Adams' love and devotion to our country's most spectacular landscapes.  From Hawaii to Alaska to Mesa Verde in Colorado, this book contains some of Adams' most beloved work.    Order this book from Amazon  

National Parks Video

Ansel Adams National Parks
Frommer's Easy Guide to National Parks of the American West,  by Eric Peterson and Don Laine.   Pick a western park to visit and this book will provide advice on what to do and where to eat when you get there.  Especially valuable for people who will be visiting one or more parks for the first time.  It helps if you are starting from the Midwest because you won't find Great Smoky Mountains NP or Shenandoah in this volume.    Order this book from Amazon  

Fodor's Complete Guide to the National Parks of the West, 5th ed.   A valuable guide for travelers who plan to motor west and visit some of America's crown jewels.  The book is in full color and covers popular parks including Yellowstone, Glacier, Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and Sequoia.       Order this book from Amazon

Fodor's Complete Guide to the National Parks of the West

Great Lodges II

Treasures of America's National Parks (DVD).   A set of six DVDs that provide outstanding widescreen videos of our country's most popular parks including Bryce Canyon, Denali, Glacier, Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone, Yosemite, and Zion.  Also includes segments on national park lodges and the Canadian Rockies.  This set provides an excellent preview of what you will be seeing or a thoughtful review of what you saw.  Order this video from Amazon

National Park Videos II

Great Lodges of the National Parks: The West and Pacific Rim (DVD).    Follow up to the "Treasures" DVD noted above.  This volume includes Furnace Creek Inn in Death Valley NP, Glacier Bay Lodge, Jackson Lake Lodge in Grand Teton NP, and Volcano House in Hawaii Volcanoes NP.  It also includes several lodges that are near, but not in national parks including Lake Quinault Lodge (just outside Olympic NP), the Stanley Hotel just outside Rocky Mountain NP.
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Great Lodges of the National Parks by Christine Barnes.  Best-selling companion volume to the PBS series about national park lodges.  This coffee table book describes 15 of America's most beloved lodges (plus Canada's Prince of Wales Hotel) including Old Faithful Inn, Crater Lake Lodge, Glacier Park Lodge, Paradise Inn, the Ahwahnee, and the El Tovar.  An excellent book from an author who is obviously fascinated with the lodges.  Not a guidebook, but rather something to savor and study in front of the fireplace.   Order this book from Amazon 

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Great Lodges