Fees for Selected National Park Activities

Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site

Guided tour of the Sandburg home - $5 adults; $3 seniors

Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Self-guiding cavern tour $10

Ranger-guided cavern tours  $8 to $20, depending on length

Cumberland Island National Seashore

Day bicycle rental  $16

Passage on ferry from St Marys  $25 adult; $23 senior; $15 children 12 years and under

Death Valley National Park

Lower Vine Ranch Tour  $20 adult; $10 children

Everglades National Park

Two-hour tram tour of Shark Valley  $24 adult; $19 senior; $13 children

Boat tour from Everglades City   $37 adult; $19 children

Grand Canyon National Park

Three-hour mule ride along the Rim  $128

Mule ride to canyon bottom with overnight stay at Phantom Ranch  $540

Isle Royale National Park

Boat transportation from Copper Harbor to Rock Harbor  $136 adult; $68 children

Mammoth Cave National Park

Guided cave tours  $5 to $26, depending on length.  Reductions for children 12 and under

Yellowstone National Park

 Day-long tour of Lake Yellowstone by kayak   $175 adult; $125 children under 12

Lamar Valley Wildlife Excucrsion   $44 to $70, depending on pickup point

Photo safari    $90 adult; $45 children under 12 years

Yosemite National Park

Rock climbing lessons   $148 to $173

Two-hour Valley Floor Bus Tour $25 adult; $23 senior; $13 children 12 and under

Full-day grand tour  $90 adult; $82 senior; $56 children