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Rock Creek Station (Nebraska) - An important supply point and campground for emigrants following the Oregon Trail.  

Fort Kearny (Nebraska) - A military post in eastern Nebraska that provided protection for pioneers following the Oregon Trail.

The Great Platte River Road (Nebraska) - The river that served as the pioneers' highway across Nebraska.

California Hill (Nebraska) - The first major hill faced by emigrants on the Oregon Trail.

Scotts Bluff National Monument (Nebraska) - A National Park Service unit with an interesting visitor center, a road that leads to the top of the bluff, and portions of the Oregon Trail that have been preserved.

Fort Laramie (Wyoming) - Established in 1834 as a fort for the fur trade,  it later became an important military post.

Guernsey Ruts (Wyoming) - The deep ruts carved by oxen and wagons into sandstone may be the most impressive site on the trail.

Register Cliff (Wyoming) - Pioneers carved their names in the sandstone cliff outside the town of Gernsey.

Soda Springs Golf Course Ruts (Idaho)- One of the most enjoyable strolls along the entire Oregon Trail.

Three Island Crossing (Idaho) - Where emigrants crossed to the north side of the Snake River.

Bonneville Point (Idaho) - Top of the hill where pioneers first saw the Boise River Valley.

Oregon Trail Interpretive Center (Oregon) - The premiere interpretive center on the Oregon Trail.  Location where pioneers first saw the Blue Mountains.

Farewell Bend (Oregon) - Where pioneers cut away from the Snake River to head west.

Whitman Mission (Washington) - A well-known mission and stop for early pioneers following the Oregon Trail.

Oregon Trail Ruts West of Echo, Oregon (Oregon) - Excellent trail ruts on a portion of the Oregon Trail used following the closure of Whitman Mission.

Pioneers meet the Columbia River (Oregon) - Location where pioneers crossed over a hill and first saw the mighty Columbia River.

Toll gate on the Barlow Road (Oregon) - Toll gate on the route chose by pioneers who decided to avoid rafting on the dangerous Columbia River.

Barlow Road Summit (Oregon) - Summit of the Barlow Road.

Fort Vancouver (Washington) - Fur trading post of the Hudson's Bay Company that offered supplies to pioneers on the Oregon Trail

End of the Oregon Trail (Oregon) - Interpretive Center in Oregon City, Oregon

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