Danger! Fire! Danger!
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs Rebecca's Pre-K class at Valdosta Community Day Care Facility
By Dave McGovern , a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

Fire House

Fire Safety

Fire is something that we all see at some time. Fire can be very dangerous and we all need to know how to be safe around it. Fire safety is something that can be fun and exciting. Would you know what to do if there was a fire in your House? Would you know what to do to help your brother or sister? With the following links we can all learn fun fire safety.


Have you ever wanted to spend some time with a friendly dog that can teach you about fire safety?
Lets go and meet Sparky the Fire Dog, Sparky Teaches us all about fire safety.


Only you can prevent forest fires. Lets go visit Smokey the Bear and find out how. We can learn about all the forest animals that need us to be safe. Smokey teaches us to be safe around campfires.

Fire escape plan

Fire safety requires knowledge of equipment and planning. We can visit the  USFA's Kids page and learn about smoke alarms and planning a fire escape route. The best way to be safe is to plan to be safe.

Fire safe kids

Our friends at Fire Pals have a lot of great tips for us to stay safe with fire. Tips are small facts that we should all know about fire safety. Fire Pals also has some great games.

Fire Fighter

Do you know what to do in case of a fire? Kids Safe shows us what to do. Just follow along and we all learn about staying safe in a very dangerous fire.


Fire safety is something you can learn about on an online encyclopedia. Lets go to Encarta Encyclopedia and find an article. 

You are the Fire Marshal and you must find the latest information for your Fire deputies. If you find everything you need to know the world will be a much safer place to live. Many of the Fire departments need their dogs to protect the trucks and help save people from burning buildings. Sparky The Fire Dog helps Fire Marshals to find the information needed to tell their deputies.

We need to make a poster for the Fire Deputies.
Get out your paper and pencil.
You will need to click on the links and find the information for your poster.
Lets go to Sparky the Fire Dog and find information on:

Stop Drop and Roll or Sparky's Fire Safety Tips.

The lives that you can save by getting your deputies the best information is important.
So lets get busy.

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