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Hello. My name is Dave McGovern and I am a junior at Valdosta State University. I am currently working on my Bachelor's degree from the Early Childhood and Reading Education Department.

Horse on beach

I have two passions in life. Horses and Surfing. I am so lucky to live in Georgia because we have Cumberland Island on the coast. Cumberland Island is like Heaven on Earth for me. There is both Horses and Surf and often there are horses in the surf. I spend alot of time going to Cumberland Island and also to Amelia Island
. Both islands are right next to each other. I love to go and see the wildlife on both islands.

Pelicansturkeystarfishhorse on beachseagullsvulture

Terns 2horses forestPelicanegretHorses marshterns

When I go to Amelia Island I enjoy to surf. Surfing is something I have done my whole life. I grew up in Hawaii and almost everyone I know surfs.

  surf backsideSurf cutbacksurf longboard

My wife Ivy and I have a couple surfing horses of our own. Charlie and Stryder are Tennessee Walkers. Stryder is a little grumpy and Charlie is one of the goofiest horses you will ever meet.
Someday my horse and good friend Charlie will surf. In my imagination he already does.

Horse CharlieHorse Stryder

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