Mini-Research &
Literature Activities

This Topic Mini-Research & Literature Web Page was developed
 for Mrs. Frost's Kindergarten Class at Lanier Coutny Elementary School
Designed by Deaven Hadsock, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

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What kind of animals are on a farm?
Baby animals are born during the Spring time. 
Click here to learn about farm animals.

What are some flowers that can grow in a garden?
Spring is the season when flowers start to bud and grow. 
Click here to learn more about garden flowers.
raining person
How does rain form?  Where does it come from?
"April showers bring May flowers." 
Click here to find out more about rain.

What do trees look like in Spring?
Trees begin to sprout leaves and become more colorful.
Click here to learn more about trees in Spring.

Spring Real-World Activity
Imagine that Mrs. Hamm, your principal, has just asked your class to grow a flower garden for the entire school!  Every Friday, the students who had good behavior all week can have picnic in the garden to enjoy the nice Spring weather and the beautiful flowers that you and your classmates have grown.  You will be able to choose three flowers to plant in the garden.
Steps for Spring Real-World Activity
  • Visit the Garden website.
  • Click on the name of a flower of your choice.
  • Read about the flower with Miss. Hadsock.
  • Make sure to note the color, shape, and the name of the flower.
  • Choose two more flowers to put in the garden.
  • Click on those two flowers, read about them with Miss. Hadsock, and make note of the color, shape and name of each flower.
  • Draw a picture of the flower garden with the three types of flowers you have chosen.  Write the name of the flowers above each one.  Make sure the color and shape of the flower is relevant to the name of the flower.
  • Share the picture with Miss. Hadsock and your classmates.
  • This will give Mrs. Hamm an idea of what you and your classmates' beautiful flower garden will look like once the flowers begin to bloom!

Spring Literature Activity

Spring Has Sprung

 Spring Literature Activity
 Using Critical Thinking Questions

1. If you were a weatherman, how would you forecast the weather for
this spring?
2. Describe an activity that you and your friends could enjoy outside during spring?

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