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Created by:  Deaven Hadsock


    "All Aboard!"  Hello!  My name is Deaven Hadsock.  I am currently a junior at Valdosta State University where I am majoring in  Early Childhood Education.  Do you have a dream?  My dream is, and always has been, to become an inspirational teacher - one who makes learning fun and exciting.  I almost cannot wait until the day that I can have my very own classroom!  Now that I have completed my core curriculum, and I'm moving along into my first professional semester, I can see that my dream will soon be coming true.  In the meantime...
    I love spending time with my family, my close friends, and my God.  I love to read and to make new friends.  I like run to clear my head, and one day I want to write a book.  As a way to keep in touch with my friends, I find myself on Facebook.com a lot.  It's amazing that, even though I haven't seen some people in years, I still am up to date on their lives.

One day I want to travel to Greece.  It seems too beautiful to be real.  The water is so blue and clear, and the culture is very interesting . 
    percy the train
    I absolutely love children's books. I loved them before I could even read them.
Jan Brett has an awesome website for teachers and parents to use when trying to find good children's books.  I especially love using Thomas the Train as a learning tool. 

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