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Hello! "Welcome to Buzzing  For A Great Education!"My name is Denise Ethridge and I am from Waycross, Georgia. I am the 
only child by my mother and youngest out of six by my father. I recently graduated from Gordon College with an A.A. in Early Childhood. Furthermore, I am extending my education at
Valdosta State University.  I am a junior majoring in Early Childhood Education within the Early Childhood and Special Education Deparment. I am very excited about  the career I have choosen, because I love working with children.My passion is to make a difference in the lives of others!

Cool Bee 2                           graduation bee
In my free time I enjoy watching television and listening to music. My favorite television shows are Lincoln Heights, and Girlfriends. I enjoy laughing at the drama that each family creates. Listening to music also plays a big role in my life. I enjoy listening to R&B, and rap. It is very relaxing and soothing after a long day at work.  Furthermore, I love traveling to Atlanta, Georgia to visit all the historical features and the Aquarium.

Drawing by a Student

I have found two great websites for teachers. The first website is  SchoolExpress and it provides worksheets and  different activites for all grade levels. The second website is ABCTeach it is helpful to parents, students, and teachers. The two websites that I have chosen helps teachers create assignments in each subject area.

   Student Resources
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Ways I Can Integrate Technology
LiveText Portfolio
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Topic Mini-Research Website
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Topic Mini-Research Lesson Plan
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E-Book Lesson Website
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E-Book Lesson Plan
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Classroom Website for Student Teaching
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Educational Activities Website for Studenrt Teaching

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