The Fabulous Five Senses
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Force's Pre-K class at the Valdosta Community Day Care Center
by Katy Cullens, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

5 senses diagram


Have you ever thought about the different ways that we experience the world around us?  We were each made special so that we could hear, smell, touch, taste, and see everything in our lives.  Those are the Fabulous Five Senses and there are special body parts that we all have to help us do just those things.  Do you know what your ears help you do?  What about your nose and your tongue?  Well, this web page was designed just for you to learn about the five senses and what they help us do.  Click on all of the links below to see what your Fabulous Five Senses are all about!


Your TONGUE lets you taste this yummy pizza!


Your EYES let you see this beautiful sunrise!
hibiscus flower

Your NOSE lets you smell the pretty flower!
white bunny

Your HANDS let you feel the fluffy bunny!


Your EARS let you hear the loud siren on the ambulance!

cartoon eyes

Your EYES help you to SEE things all around you.  Ever wonder why we need 2 instead of just 1?  This site has fun facts and crazy experiments to teach you everything you want to know about your EYES!
cartoon nose

This site includes tons of
"SMELLY"  facts about your NOSE.  Find out what all your nosecan do and see what kind of neat things you can smell.

Your TONGUE helps you to TASTE things like your favorite foods.  To find out how it all works go to this site and do a few experiments.  You will learn how things can taste sweet and salty or sour and bitter.  What is your favorite taste?

This site has all kinds of interesting facts that have to do with your EARS and HEARING.  See what you can learn about your next sense that uses your ears.

With our HANDS and feet and other body parts we can FEEL all kinds of things.  Some are hard or soft and maybe even hot or cold.  How is it that we can feel the difference?  See what this site has to say about TOUCH.
the five senses
This page is full of fun facts about all of the FABULOUS FIVE SENSES and how they help you throughout your life.  Clicking on this link will help answer all of your questions about why we need our senses and how they all work together to give us the wonderful experiences we have!

boy girl

Mission Activity

You have a very important mission assigned to you.  You are in charge of finding out what each of the Five Fabulous Senses do.  That means your ears, eyes, tongue, nose, and hands are all in charge of a different job that must be done.  You must find five different things for your senses to do: food to taste, a flower to smell, a picture to see, a sound to hear, and something to feel.  Think you can do it? 

Mission Steps

1.  You will go to this website that will tell you everything you need to know about your five senses.
2.  In your classroom you will find a way to use your sense of taste and glue it to your paper.
3.  In your classroom you will find something that has a texture you can touch and feel with your hands.  You will glue a piece of it to your paper.
4.  In your classroom you will find something that you can hear with your ears and draw a picture of it on your paper.
5.  In your classroom you will find something you can see with your eyes and glue it to your paper. 
6.  In your classroom you will find something you can smell with your nose and glue it to your paper. 
7.  Have your teacher label under each picture or object what the sense was.
8.  Turn in your completed paper with all of the five senses on it to your teacher to display your work on the wall.

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