Go, Dog. Go!
 by P.D. Eastman
Picture and Story Designed by Katy Cullens

Dog pic

      In Go, Dog. Go!, there are BIG dogs and LITTLE dogs, and all different colored dogs.  There are two main dog characters who meet each other several times throughout the book and comment on hats that each other are wearing.  The dogs are in trees and driving around in cars.  They play on roller coasters that go UP and DOWN.  Some of the dogs like to play IN the house and some like to play OUT in the water.  The dogs even WORK, but they also leave time to PLAY sports.  The dogs SLEEP at night, together in one big bed.  In the morning they GET UP becasue it is time to start the day. 

    The dogs get in their cars and they drive around town.  They must STOP at RED lights and GO at GREEN lights.  No body knows where the dogs are  going so fast in their cars.  They follow each other through stop lights and down the curvy roads.  They come to a big TALL tree and they stop their cars.  What could they be doing at this tree?  There is a ladder that each and every dog climbs to get to the tip TOP of the tree.  What is up there at the top of that tree?

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