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Children's Literature on Civil Rights

Grade Levels
Title, Author & Publication Year
Civil Rights
Mayfield Crossing; Vaunda Micheaux Nelson, 1993
When the school in Mayfield Crossing closes, the students are sent to a larger school, where the black children encounter racial prejudice for the first time.  Baseball seems the only means of bringing people together. 1
Civil Rights 4-8
Whitnesses to Freedon: Young People Who Fought for Civil Rights; Belinda Rochelle, 1993
The author describes the experiences of young African Americans who were involved in such significant events in the civil rights movement as Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas, the Montgomery bus boycott, and the sit-in movement. 1
Civil Rights 4-6
The Gold Cadillac; Mildred Taylor, 1987
Two black girls are proud of their family's new 1950 gold Cadillac until they visit the South and encounter racial prejudice for the first time. 1
Civil Rights 5-8
Not Separate, Not Equal; Brenda Wilkinson, 1987
Marlene is one of six black students to integrate a Georgia public high school in the mid-sixties.  Marlene experiences hatred and racism, as well as the beginnings of the civil rights movement. 1
Civil Rights 5-8
Just Like Martin;
Ossie Davis,1992
In the fall of 1963, after the deaths of two classmates in a bomb explosion at his Alabama church, fourteen -year-old Stone organizes a children's march for civil rights. 1
Civil Rights 4-7
Martin Luther King, Jr.: Free at Last; David Adler, 1986
Biography of the Baptist minister who worked unceasingly for his dream of a world without hate, prejudice, or violence. 1
Civil Rights 3-6
Malcolm X; Arnold Adoff, 1970
Biography of Malcolm X, the civil rights activist. 1
Civil Rights 4-7
Thrugood Marshall and Equal Rights; Seamus Cavan, 1993
The life and accomplishments of the first African American judge to be appointed to the Supreme Court. 1
Civil Rights 4-7
Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott; Teresa Celsi, 1991
Biography of Rosa Parks, whose refusal to give up her bus seat to a white person in 1955 launched the Montgomery bus boycott and led to important civil rights gains for blacks. 1

Children's Literature on the Vietnam War
Grade Levels
Title, Author & Publication Year
Vietnam War
Charlie Pippin; Candy Dawson Byod, 1987
Eleven-year-old Charlie seeks to understand her father by learning everything she can about the Vietnam War.  Her father survived the war, but it put an end to his dreams. 1
Vietnam War 4-7
Tough Choices: A Story of the Vietnam War; Nancy Antle, 1993
Samantha finds herself torn between her loyalty to her two brothers, one a soldier who recently returned from the war in Vietnam and the other a war protester. 1
Vietnam War 5 & up
Always to Remember: The Story of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial; Brent Ashabranner, 1988
The author discusses the building of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the controversies that have surrounded it, and some human interest stories connected with it.
Vietnam War 5 & up
The Vietnam War; Roger Barr, 1991
An account of the Vietnam War, how the United States became involved in it, and the war's legacy. 1
Vietnam War 2-5
Lee Ann: the Story of a Vietnamese-American Girl; Tricia Brown, 1991
A young Vietnamese-American girl describes her family and school life, Saturday activities, and the celebration of TET, the Vietnamese New Year. 1
Vietnam War 4-7
The Land I Lost: Adventures of a Boy in Vietnam; Huynh Quang Nhuong, 1982
A collection of the author's personal reminiscences of his childhood in a hamlet on the central highlands of Vietnam. 1
Vietnam War 5 & up
Enchantment of the World: Vietnam; David K. Wright, 1989
Author discusses the geography, history, people, economy, and customs of Vietnam. 1

Children's Literature on WWII

Grade Levels
Title, Author & Publication Year
WWII 5-7
Wings of Morning; Thomas Childers, 1995
The Story of the Last American Bomber Shot Down Over Germany in WWII. 2
WWII 5-6 Rain of Fire; Marion Dane Bauer, 1983 When Steve's older brother refuses to talk about his experiences in WWII, Steve's friends begin to doubt what he has told them about his brother, other things, and eventually turn on him. 2
WWII 3-6
Snow  Treasure; Marie McSwigan, 1942
Norwegian children smuggle their town's gold past Nazi guards to a safe place in the WWII story based on true events. 2
Invisible Thread; Yoshiko Uchida, 1995
Autobiography of the author's experiences growing up in California as a second generation Japanese American and her family's internment in Utah during WWII. 2
The FDR Way; Jeffery Morris, 1996
Discusses the life and presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt with an emphasis on the important decisions he made in that office. 2
Franklin Delano Roosevelt; Russell Freeman, 1990
Photographs and text trace the life of Franklin Delano Roosevelt from his birth in 1882 through his youth, early political career, and presidency to his death in 1945. 2

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