Outstanding Educational Websites for Pre-K through 5th Grades
Presented by ECED 3000 Spring 2011
Internet World


I would use this website because it has a lot of information about animals. It also has a lot of resources. There are a ton of videos I could show, and they have many pictures, too.


I liked this website because of the before and after pictures.  It has a lot of information about magnets, and it also illustrates what it is talking about for the students.

I would use the website www.sfsocialstudies.com to teach a lesson on states and counties uysing maps. This website has very vivid maps to share with the kids. I would use this site with age groups of about 2nd through 5th grade.


To teach a lesson on plants I would use the website  www.biology4kids.com/files/plants_main.html.
This website provides all the necessary information that the kids can refernce and vivid pictures to make the kids have a greater understanding of plants, their needs, and how they survive. I would use this site for upper grades maybe 5th grade children. 

Here is an website about plants that describe what plants are and the basic element that makes up each plant. It also talks about different plants we use for good.



Here is a website for students with spelling words. Here students can spell various words as an interactive game.

  • Sarah Zipperer
1. www.blogspot.com

Students can create a blog posts or an individual blog based on a book they are reading or unit they are studying.  This is a way the students could practice their computer skills as well as sharing their work with their parents.

2. thinktank.4teachers.org

ALTEC's ThinkTank is a research tool students can use to guide them through the beginning stages of the research process.  It allows them to narrow their search and list their topics and subtopics to help them start the research process.

  • Blaire Higginbotham


I like this website because it provides a lot of interactive games for students including Cat in the Hat for rhyming.


I like this website because it provides resources for the teacher, parents, and students. It not only provides games, but is also provides links to books!

  • Mary Sheeley
I can use Google Maps to teach a lesson on distance. I could also use that website to teach the students about the parts of a map or about their address. I could use Google maps to search the students home town and teach them about counties, cities, states, and streets.


I could use Ask Jeeves for Kids to let the students research extra information while writing. This will be a good way for the students to learn how to use the internet to do research on a topic.

1.       www.starfall.com

I like the starfall website because it has many activities for young children with reading. It also is interactive and fun for the students.

2.       www.teachertube.com

I really like this website because I can use it in any lesson. I can find an educational video to grab students attention for lessons.

Good websites for reading. 
I would use funbrain.com to help students learn about nouns, verbs, and adjactives.  There is a game on ther for that. 

On starfall.com there is a game to help the students learn to read.  One is cxalled lets get ready to read.