Diane L. Judd, Ph.D.
Early Childhood &  Reading Education
College of Education 
Valdosta State University
The "How To" Pages

How To Make Your Class Page
(First Page - Class/Home Page)

How To Make New Pages
(Except Your Home Page,
See How to Make Your Home Page Directions)
How To Edit &
Publish Web Page
How To Capture & Save An Image

How To Link Email Address

How To Add A Background

Tips for Problems Publishing
Background & Image
with SeaMonkey
How To Publish a Web Page Saved on a Jump Drive or Disk
How To Make A Template
In Microsoft Word
How To Add Sound with Composer

How To Create A Target
How To Resize A Table that is Too Wide
How To Add a Graph
Directions for Secure Shell
(To publish Web Pages, Images, & Backgrounds)

SeaMonkey by Mozilla
  Free Download Program to
Publish Web Pages

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"Resources For Teaching & Learning"
Integrating Technology into the Curriculum