Diane L. Judd, Ph. D. 
Early Childhood & Reading
College of Education 
Valdosta State University

How To Correct Text or Link Colors

Below are Directions if you are Having Problems with Text or Link Colors

  1. Open your web page in Mozilla Composer, on toolbar select Format then Page Color and Background.   The Page Colors and Background window opens. 

  2. Select Advance Edit button. 

  3. A window will open with three tabs at the top.  On the first tabs, delete all of the lines that show text and link number colors by highlighting each line and hitting the "Remove" button.
  4. Then select OK and the Page Colors and Background window will close. 
  5. Then publish your page.  
  6.  Now all of your old colors should be deleted and you can go back into Composer and the Page Color & Background window and select the colors that you would like.  Then publish your page again. 
  7. Atfter you publish, go to your page on the Internet and hit refresh or reload.


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