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Georgia & the Civil War
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The American Civil War in Georgia
The American Civil War in Georgia has links to Civil War heroes, and Civil War battles in Georgia.
The Civil War in Georgia, An Illustrated Travelers Guide
This website  features more than 220 Civil War links, with hundreds of lesser-known Civil War places of interest. Written by award-winning author Richard J. Lenz.  It features  as a remarkable for its richness and variety.  This Georgia's Civil War history web site has many links to historic people and places in Georgia during the Civil War time. 
The Great Locomotive Chase The Great Locomotive Chase website tells the story about the Andrew's Raiders during the Civil War in Northern Georgia.
The Civil War in Georgia
The Civil War in Georgia part of the GeorgiaInfo developed by the Carl Vinson Institute of Government.  It is an extensive online resource with numerous links about the Civil War in Georgia. 
Georgia in the Civil War
Topics included in the Georgia in the Civil War website are the cause of the war, the blockade, Marching through Georgia, and the aftermath.
Robert Edward Lee
A biography of General Robert E. Lee.  The biography also includes a link to Traveller, General Lee's horse during the Civil War.
Sherman in Georgia
An account of General William Sherman in Georgia and gives details of 'Sherman's March to the Sea'.

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