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Contextual Factors
The teacher uses information about the learning-teaching context and 
student individual difference to set learning goals and plan instruction and assessment.


Discuss relevant factors and how they may affect the teaching-learning process. Include any supports and challenges that affect instruction and student learning.

Resources for Contextual Factors


I. Community, School System, School Factors

Geographic Location

__ Rural
__ Urban

List unique features of community: 

List contributions of community to school: 

School System 
Name of school system:

__ Number of students in school system

__ Number of students in school system on free or reduced lunch

Name of school: 

Grades served:

Student enrollment:

II. Classroom Characteristics

Number of Students 

__ Boys   __ Girls

___  Age range

Ethnicity (number)
__  African American
__  Asian American
__  Native American
__  Hispanic
__  Caucasian
__  Other
Socio-Economic Profile (percentage)
__%  Students in classroom on free or reduced lunch
Reading Achievement (percentage)
__%  Above-average or advanced skill level
__%  Average or intermediate skill level
__%  Below average skill level

Based on: 

Mathematics Achievement (percentage)
__%  Above-average or advanced skill level
__%  Average or intermediate skill level
__%  Below average skill level

Based on: 

Classroom Organization (check as many as apply)
__ Homogeneous
__ Heterogeneous
__ Self-Contained
__ Team Teaching
__ Departmentalized
__ Parallel Block

Other programs:

Resources (check as many as apply)
__ Television
__ Classroom library
__  Number of computers in classroom

List other resources (such as math and science manipulative materials): 

Parental Involvement (check as many as apply)
__ Parent volunteer program in classroom
__ Classroom newsletter
__ Family-student interactive learning kits
__ Classroom website
__ School website
__%  Average of parents attending Parent Teacher Organization
III. Individual Differences

Students Attending Pull-Out or Supplementary Programs (check as many as apply)

__  Title I
__  Reading
__  Gifted
__  Early Intervention Program
__  Safety Net

List other programs:

Language Proficiency (enter number for each area)
__  English Language
__  Bilingual
__  Other Language 
Students with Individual Education Plans (IEP) (enter number for each area)
__  Blind or visually impaired
__  Deaf or hearing impaired
__  Developmentally delayed
__  Emotionally or behaviorally disordered
__  Learning disabled
__  Physically disabled
__  Other 
Students' Previous Learning on the Subject of Your Unit

IV. Instructional Implications

Using the information you have collected above, address how the contextual characteristics of the community, classroom, students have implications for your instructional planning and assessment.  Address specifically how these contextual factors will impact your unit. 


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