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"Resources For Teaching and Learning"
Integrating Technology into the Curriculum
Great Sites For Developing Web Pages

Links to Clip Art and Backgrounds
Listed below are only a few links, you can any search engine, such as Google or Bing, to do a search for free clip art and backgrounds.

Web Clip ArtKids DomainWebPlacesClip Art for Web Pages
Free Graphics by SyrussPat's Web Graphics Clip Art WarehouseFree Clip Art Gallery
#1 Free Clip Art   Wise Gorilla Clip Art Links to Educational Clip Art

Links to Backgrounds for Web Pages

Background SamplerFree-Backgrounds.comInterpoint
Backgrounds & TexturesBackground Gallery
Discovery School's Clip ArtSchool Related Clip ArtBack to School Clip Art
Kids Domain School Clip Art & Links to MoreAwesome Clip Art for Kids: School
Germantown Academy Clip Art by Andrea Owens

Judd's "How To Pages for Developing Web PagesAll About Web DesigningApple Learning Interchange
Kids WebThe Electronic LibraryFlorida Informational Resource Network FIRN
Kathy SchrockLesson Plans by LA County EdEncarta's Schoolhouse
Columbia Educational CenterBusy Teachers' WebSite
Bellsnwhistles.comWebmonkey,The Web Developer's Resource
Yahooligans Educational Search EnginesEducation Resources of Visual & Performing Arts
boy going to school
Judd's Home Page
feather ink pen and ink

computer and books

"Resources For Teaching and Learning" 
Integrating Technology into the Curriculum