ECED 3300
Mathematics Learning Center/Station Template

(Due: Oct. 8, 2012  Bring this completed template and learning center/station to class to share.)

Math learning centers/stations are locations in the classroom where students can practice, review, and maintain previously taught math concepts and skills and conduct problem-based investigations. The centers/stations may contain materials and manipulatives such as games, puzzles, books, paper, crayons, markers, and other materials developed by the teacher. The centers/stations may also contain materials that support specific learning outcomes. For example, a center for exploring geometry might have geoboards, pattern blocks, and geometry puzzles.




Title of Math Learning Center/Station:

Concept or Skill:

Grade level:

Mathematics Common Core Georgia Performance Standard (This should be the same standard as your math lesson plan standard):



Purpose of center:



Manipulatives/Materials required (attach handouts, graphic organizers, templates with game pieces, etc.):




If you used a resource, cite the resource in APA format:




Teacher Directions:




Student Directions: