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It is Important to be Creative and Have Well Organized Web Pages
Assignments for Spring 2011
Due Dates
Call VSU Information Technology Helpdesk at (229) 245-4357 for "Password to Publish Website on VSU Server"  (Need to have password before Second Class)
(Phone or go to Helpdesk in VSU Library for password to publish web pages on the VSU server)
VSU Information Technology Helpdesk Website
Bring Password for Publishing
to Class

Link to: Getting Ready for Class/Home Page
Bring to second class jump drive to save pictures and icons from the Internet

Class/Home Page Assignment
Evaluation Rubric for Class Page

All Corrections Completed for Extra Credit for Class/Home Page

Turn in Mentor's Signed Sheet with Information for your Mini-Research Assignment
In-class Activity for Mini-Research Assignment
Get Ready: Bring copy of standard for your practicum class Mini-Research Assignment

Search Engines and Links for educational websites and videos for Mini-Research Lesson

Mini-Research Lesson Evaluation

*When you have completed your Mini-Research Lessons, it must be submitted to the ECED 3000 Course Assignment in your LiveText account.  Please note this assignment is due at 11:00 PM on Thursday, Febuary 17, 2011 LiveText will document your time, so you want to be sure to submit your information before the due time.

Mini-Research Lesson Plan 1
Mini-Research Lesson Plan 1 Evaluation

Mini-Research Lesson Plan 2
Mini-Research Lesson Plan 2 Evaluation

Possible Extra Grading Points
After you receive your graded Mini-Research Lessons, you will need to make corrections, attach your corrected Mini-Research Lessons, and resubmit your correcte Mini-Research Lessons in LiveText.

I will re-grade your Mini-Research Lessons for possible extra grading points. To receive possible extra grading points, your corrected Mini-Research Lessons must be attached and submitted
by 12:00 noon on Tuesday, February 22, 2011.

Possible Extra Grading Points are 50% of the points deducted when you have made the corrections and submitted your corrected  Mini-Research Lessons in LiveText by
12:00 noon on Tuesday, February 22, 2011.

The Possible Extra Grading Points are 50% of the points deducted when you have made the corrections and submitted your corrected  Mini-Research Lessons Plans and emailed your corrected lesson plans to me by 12:00 noon on Thursday, February 24, 2011.

There are three ways to present your Mini-Research Lesson Project:
1. SMART Board Information
2. Promethean Information
3. Web Page Information

20 Websites Searching Educational Resources
Resource links, such as Search Engines to find sites for your Assignment
Resources for Mini-Research Activities
Bright from the Start Standards (PreK) & Georgia Performance Standards (GPS K-12)
eBook Activity Examples (old format)

Directions in LiveText for the Mini-Research Lesson:
Attach your SMART Board or Promethean Flipchart Mini-Research Lesson.

If you having problems uploading your SMART Board or Promethean Flipchart in LiveText then the directions below should assist you. 
It apprears that in the uploading of the SMART Board and Promethean there is a button that everyone needs to be sure to select:  
After you uploaded your SMART Board Lesson, then in that same window you need to select the button, "Insert Selected Attachment".  Then you are ready to submit your assignment.  You should be able to see where your attachment is added to your submission.  
Email if that does not work for you.

Tips for Teaching Mini-Research Lessons
Teaching dates
Mini-Research Lessons are
(Do not teach your lessons before February 28, 2011
and do not teach your lessons until your lesson plans have been approved, first, by Dr. Judd and then, by your mentor teacher.)

Turn in copies (only copies, no originals) of Observation Evaluation Forms for your two ECED 3000 lessons: Mini-Research Lesson 1 & Mini-Research Lesson 2 (You can be observed by your university supervisor, your mentor teacher, your peer, or video self-evaluation.)

Reflections & Students' Evaluation (use form and questions linked below)
Evaluation of Your Students and Reflections

E-Portfolio Assignments for ECED 3000 completed in LiveText

Complete the ECED 3000 assignment in your ECE Portfolio.  This includes under Standard V - ECED 3000 Lesson Plan 1 & ECED 3000 Lesson Plan 2.  Also include your Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 Interactive Whiteboard Lessons: SMART Board or Promethean Board Lessons.

After you have completed your ECED 3000 assignment in your ECE Portfolio "Send for Review" to Dr. Judd in LiveText.

In-class Technology Integrated Activities

   * Accommodations for Lesson Plan  (Links for Accommodations for Special Students)
        1. After completing the contextual factors for your class, select one of your students that needs special attention.  Describe the student in your class with special needs. (Do not use the student's real name.  You could refer to the student as "the special student.")  Describe your student and his or her needs.
2. Explain what you would add to your lesson plan to accommodate your special student? 

  3. Will share your special student's description and accommodations with our class.

  * Develop "Ways I Can Integrate Technology" Web Page  (Ways Format Example)
  * YouTube Video Resources & TeacherTube Videos
  * Musical Computers using MS Word
* Develop Excel Activities to Enhance the Elementary Curriculum
  * Design Excel Table & Graph Teaching Activity "Weather Around the World"

  * Excel Grade Book
  * Develop Activities with MS Word Templates
  * MS Concept Maps & Graphs  (Examples #1 & #2)
  * Inspiration & Kidspiration Information Links, "Inspiration How To" PowerPointInspiration Activity  Examples &         Kidspiration Activity Examples
  * Critical Thinking Questions Activity

  * SMARTboard Field Trip
- SMARTboard Demonstration
Ten Ways to Get Smart with SMARTboard (online article) & Article Posted
  * Kathy Schrock's Software Evaluation Links & Evaluation Form

 *Tools for Life, Georgia's Assistive Technology Act Program
   * What is Assistive Technology? List of items and equipment to assist individuals with disabilities.
   * Learning Disabilities and Assistive Technologies
Presentations for Wednesday, March 30, 2011, will include summaries of the information about your content area
(reading, writing, math, or social) linked on the Learning Disabilities and Assistive Technologies page on left column, also include a summary of the strategies for your content area (strategies are linked on right colunm of assigned content area page).

*Assistive Technology Resources Presentations for Monday, April 4, 2011
  * Why a person with learning disabilities should consider using assistive technology? 
      *See the content areas linked on the
Learning Disabilities and Assistive Technologies page.  After linking to your content area, select Assistive Technology Resources listed for your content area (linked on the right colunm of assigned content area page).
       *Each group will select four Assistive Technology (AT) Resources
       *Information to include in your presentation for each of the selecte AT resources (may need to do a search to find all of the AT information):
          1. Describe the student that would use the product.
          2. Describe the product and how it would assist students.
3. Show a picture of the AT resource.
          4. If available also show a video of the AT resource.
          5. Give prices of the AT resource.

Myths about Assistive Technology (11 Myths)

  * Technology Money Activity

  * Copyright Information & Activity

  * Special Connections by University of Kansas

  * New Teacher Induction Information

News & Technology
  *  St. Pete Times Newpaper Article: Blogging Classroom Connects to Parents
Favorites, Centers, &
Site maintained for the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research of the U.S. Dept. of Education

*Assistive Technology Resources In-Class Group Presentations
Learning Disabilities & Assistive Technologies The Georgia Assistive Technology Resource Centers (ATRCs) provides links and information for assistive technology evaluations and for specific difficulties (i.e, reading, writing, math, social, and memory organization).
Each group will become the expert on their topic and will present on Thursday, April 22, a PowerPoint about their topic and will include the listed information.  To receive full credit, each member of the must assist in the development of the PowerPoint presentation and must present with their group. Listed with your group is a website and directions.  You can search for additional websites to assist you with information about your topic.  (Since we will work on this presentation for two classes, presentations will count as 2 in-class activities.)

Group 1 - Reading (Describe the reading resources & describe students that would use the reading resources and how these resources would help students.)
Group 2 - Math (Describe the math resources & describe students that would use the math resources and how these resources would help students.)
Group 3 - Writing (Describe the writing resources & describe students that would use the writing resources and how these resources would help students.)
  Group 4 - Intellikeys (Describe, show examples, & give the prices of Intellikeys. Describe students that would need to use it and how it would help students.)
  Group 5 - Keyboards & Mice for Special Students (Describe, show examples of the special keyboards & mice. Describe students that would need to use the special keyboards & mice and how it would help students.)
  Group 6 - AlphaSmart (Describe, show examples,& give the prices of AlphaSmart. Describe students that would need to useAlphaSmart and how it would help students.)
  Group 7 - General Switches (Describe, show examples,& give the prices of switches. Describe students that would need to use switches and how they would help students.)

Additional Assistive Technology Resource Links
  A. RehabTool.com (Answer the question: What is Assistive Technology? & Briefly describe the Assistive Technology Categories) 
   B. Web Resources for assistive techonology (Describe some of the online assistive technology resources & select 1 resource link to share.)
  C. Supporting Students with Disabilities (Describe resources & give examples of resources)
D.  Assistive Technology Video Resources Guide (Describe resources & give examples of resources)
E. Additional Information for Assignment

Assistive Technology Class List for Presentations

Extra Credit! Complete "Online Student Opinion of Instructor" for ECED 3000
To receive extra credit complete SOI Forms in BANNER any time from April  to April , 2011
Access SOIs via BANNER; instructions are available at 

(1) Log into BANNER
(2) Select “Answer a Survey”
(3) Select the Student Opinion of Instruction (SOI) for the designated course

  "3 Minutes of Fame" Presentation of Your Mini-Research Lesson During Final Exams Presentations should include:
     1. Briefly show and explain each of the 8 pages of your Mini-Research Lesson to our ECED 3000 class
     2. Tell about your students (school & grade level) and give examples of your teaching experiences
     3. Tell about your students' achievements and give examples (evidence) of you students' achievements

Mini-Research Schedule Form

Download: "SMART Notebook Software" to develop activities for SMART Board
* Select:
under SMART Notebook collaborative learning software, select your operating system (most students have windows operating system, which is PC)
* Under "Downloads" click on the "Download" button
* Fill out form (Be sure to write
Valdosta State University next to Organization name)
* Click on "Start download" button
* Follow directions
you download the SMART Notebook software:
* On your computer's desktop will be an icon labeled: boardsp7nbs.......... Click on the icon and follow the directions
* When filling out the information for the Product Key
use this 22 digit Product Key: NB-AECSE-A2FXU-75MEF-JWASH
(SMART Technologies allows VSU students to download the SMART Notebook software because VSU has purchased numerous SMART Boards.)
  ** Online information sheet for interactive whiteboards with connecting resource websites

Download information for Parmethean ActivInspire Software
* Go to: www.prometheanplanet.com
* Click on "Download ActivInspire" on top toolbar
* Select US English
* Click on "Download Version1.3"
* Follow Directions
After you install your ActivInspire software, you will need a Parmethean serial number or after you fill in name and organization you can select Run Personal Edition.

*See Basic Information using a Promethean Board  Good video to help you begin your pages in Promethean

Add to your Resource Library with free Resource Packs for ActivInspire (free resource packs are below first row of to purchase packs)
ActivInspire Movie and ActivInspire Tips & Training
Free online ActivInspire Tutorials
Parmethean Resources: links to lessons and examples of Parmethean Flipcharts for teaching

Information from Ms. Shirley Sainz
Sites to visit for SMART notebook - SMART tech - http://smarttech.com/

*SMART Training Center - Need help?  Select from videos, tutorials, and materials to assist you with the basic SMART Board information

Lots of 2 Minute Tutorial Training Videos by SMART

SMART Board Exchange - SMART Board examples made and shared by teachers

Website with Graphic Organizer Examples that could be used with SMART Board presentations

Interactive Whiteboard Links
Here are some links that can be powerful whole-group instructional tools when used on an interactive whiteboard.  These are grouped by subject area and subdivided by grades.  These resources are provided for all educators by the Educational
Technology Center housed at the National Science Center in Augusta, Georgia.

Table for SMART Board Groups

BB Past Information

Judd's Page


Videos of
Classroom Practices

"Resources For
Teaching & Learning" 

 Websites of Judd's
ECED 3000 Classe
Previous eBook Lessons
Learning About Global Diversity Lesson Plan
Classroom Performance System at: 
   Program to download:
   *Classroom Performance System (CPS) v5.62.0090[196MB]
   *CPS Image Library v1.0[39MB]

Ways I Can Integrate Technology
VAT Info
Evaluation Rubric for Global Diversity Lesson Plan (Evaluated in LiveText)
(email: webservices@valdosta.edu ----  names & usernames)

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