Current Mathematics Programs Information Assignment
(You can copy and paste the assignment below in MS Word)

Directions: This assignment should be a Word document with 12 point font and doubled-spaced. 
Be sure to use APA for citation/reference for the program.

A. Practicum Classroom Mathematics Program (Note: If a math program or textbook is not used, provide a brief description of what your mentor teacher uses when teaching math.)

      1. State the title of the mathematics program used in your practicum classroom

      2. Give a brief description of the mathematics program

      3. List any ancillary materials used with the program

B. Georgia ETA/Cuisenaire

Access the Georgia ETA/Cuisenaire website at:     Select one of the math resources (any math resource that could be used in PreK-5) to preview on the webpage.
      2. Give a brief description of the math resource you selected to preview.

C. State Recommended Textbooks

Access the Georgia Textbook/Instructional Materials Recommendation Programs at:
     Click on the link for K-8 Mathematics List of State-Recommended Textbook/Instructional Materials and choose one of the companies in the state-recommended textbook list (do not select the textbook used in your practicum classroom or the ETA Cuisenaire).

     2. Conduct an Internet search to find information about the company's math program/textbook.  Give a brief description of the company's math program/textbook.