Electronic File Assignment in BlazeVIEW for ECED 3300

Instructions for ECED 3300 Electronic File Assignment 
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Electronic Mathematics Resource File Assignment & Project

This is a whole class project.  There will have small groups of two teacher candidates that will work together to complete their assignment for the Electronic Mathematics Resource File Project.  After signing up for a date for your group's presentation of an Internet mathematics resource website or video, your group will need to work together to complete the information below for your mathematics electronic resource.    To receive full credit your group should work together to complete all of the information at least 24 hours before your presentation.  Be sure to use outline format below for your resource information. 

You can copy the outline format below and paste it in the “Submission” window and complete your information.  You could also paste the outline formation in MS Word and then copy and paste in the “Submission” window.  You are not required to add anything in the “Comment” window unless you have a comment.  When you have completed your information, select “Submit” at the bottom of the page.  Your group can present from your BlazeVIEW submission.

Be sure to use outline below for your resource information.

1. Name of Group Members:

2. Date of Presentation:

3. Topic of Presentation:

4. Title of Website and/or Video:

5. URL of Resource:

6. Description of Resource should include:

   a. Note if resource is for teachers to use as information or for students to use for information or activity.

   b. Give grade levels that resource would be appropriate.

   c. Give a brief description (4 or more sentences) of what teachers and/or students would do using your selected resource.