ECED 3300 Math Lesson Plan Final Exam and Presentation

(100 Points: Lesson Plan and 100 Points: Presentation – Total 200 Points)



1. Develop a Math Problem-based Lesson Plan (100 points) for the grade level and Georgia Common Core Performance Standard and element(s).

2. Follow the Guidelines for writing a Problem-based Lesson Plan. Note: Lesson Plans are not to be double-spaced.

3. The Early Childhood Lesson Plan Format and Lesson Plan Guidelines (Problem-based Instruction) for writing lesson plans, downloadable from the ECSE website (Practicum Resources), must be followed.

4. Download and save format (template) in Microsoft Word.  Include all headings, even if not using.

5. In the General Information section:
•    Include all information except School/Mentor Teacher
•    For Date Taught, use the due date:  May 3, 2013

6. This math final exam lesson plan should not be a lesson plan that you or anyone have previously written or taught at another time.   You may adapt online lesson plans or ideas, but they should not used verbatim. All sources must be cited and credit must be given (see Early Childhood Lesson Plan Guidelines):
Avoid plagiarism! Refer to the following:
POLICY STATEMENT ON PLAGIARISM AND CHEATING located on p. 6 in the course syllabus
The Policy Statement on Plagiarism on the Dewar College of Education website:
If plagiarism is evident, a grade of zero (0) will be assigned for the final exam and for the Final Exam presentation.

7. All components of the Early Childhood Lesson Plan Format are required except:
•    Remediation
8. Note the information about the following required components:
•    Plan for Early Finishers (must be included, even if all students finish at the same time)
•    Accommodation
•    A printout of completed Contextual Factors (not signed/dated by mentor) used for the Math Lesson Plan for Practicum must accompany the Math Lesson Plan Final Exam. Use the information to complete the Accommodation section of your lesson plan. The Contextual Factor information will not be accurate for this lesson plan but can serve as information to help you plan accommodations for the Final Exam lesson plan.
•    A description of Extension is required
•    A Technology Connection
Note: A Technology Connection must enhance the lesson for all students who are taught the lesson.
•    Complete all components according to the Lesson Plan Guidelines through Stage 3, then continue with the Problem-based Guidelines for the “Before Phase”, “During Phase”, and the “After Phase”.  You will also need to include the Resources/Materials/References section.

9. Proofread your work (1 point deduction for each spelling, punctuation, syntax,
 grammatical, or typographical error).
•    Use the Final Exam Evaluation Rubric to check your work (rubric will be used to grade your lesson plan) .

10. The lesson plan you submit must be your own work. If your lesson plan has a component(s) that is similar to other lesson plans (from the current or past semesters), you may be subject to receiving a zero on the final exam.

11. Submit stapled printouts of the lesson plan (and related materials if applicable) and Contextual Factors at the beginning of the final exam time.  Half-credit will be given if submitted late.

12. A presentation of your Math Lesson Plan Final Exam (100 points) will be conducted during the final examination time for this section of ECED 3300.