ECED 3300 Chapter 4 Assignment
Elementary and Middle School Mathematics
Van de Walle, Karp & Bay-Williams
(You can copy and paste the assignment below in MS Word)

A. On one sheet of paper develop two problem-based tasks (The Van de Walle textbook will be helpful for developing the problems below: pages 34-37.)  You will need your problems listed on this sheet so you can share with others in our class to solve your problems.

1. First problem-based task that is a Real-World situation:

2. Second problem-based tasK that is a
Real-World situation:

B. On another sheet of paper print your first and second problem and your solutions that includes in the "Representations of Mathematical Ideas" (Van de Walle pages 24-27).  Therefore, each problem should have 4 solutions.

1. Pictures

2. Written symbols

3. Oral language (write what you will say)

4. Manipulative models (use or design manipulatives)