ECED 3300 Chapter 3 Assignment 
Elementary and Middle School Mathematics
Van de Walle, Karp & Bay-Williams

1. a. Briefly describe the "Shift in the Role of Problems."  (Pages 32 & 33)

    b. Give an example of a problem-solving activity that you would do with your future students.

2. a. List and briefly describe the seven "Problem-Solving Strategies."
(Page 34)

    b. Explain why the Problem-Solving Strategies" will become useful when you are teaching your mathematics lessons.

3. The information under "Relevant Contexts" gives suggestions for connecting mathematics to other content areas.  Give three of your own examples of how you could connect mathematics to other content areas.
(Pages 38-40)

4. Many elementary teachers mainly use textbooks for teaching mathematics to their students.  See the section "Using Textbooks" for ways a teacher could still teach using problem-based teaching stategies even with a textbook.  Give an example of how you could teach a problem-based mathematics lesson using a textbook. 
(Pages 40-42)