ECED 3300 Chapter 2 Assignment 
Elementary and Middle School Mathematics
Van de Walle, Karp & Bay-Williams

1.  a. Explain why the authors describe mathematics as a science of pattern and order. (Pages 13& 14)

      b. Give an example of a mathematical concept or process that has patter or order.

2.  On page 14, the authors list 15 verbs.  Explain why the authors believe these verbs are important in "doing" mathematics.
(Page 14)

3. a. List the 5 classroom environment expectations that support students "doing" mathematics. (Page 14)

     b. Identify and describe an activity that you observed in your previous practicum classroom that implemented one of the classroom environment expectations.

4. a. Give a brief descriptin of how a student learns mathematics using the "Constructivism" learning theory. (Page 20)

    b. Also explain how a student uses the "Sociocultural Theory" to learn about mathematics.

5. Follow the directions in the section titled: “An Invitation to Do Mathematics.”  (Page 15)

Complete the thinking and solutions for one of the four problems listed below.  Record your solutions and explain your thinking and how you solved each problem:

      a. Start and Jump Numbers: Searching for Patterns (Pages 15 & 16)


      b. Two Machines, One Job (Pages 16 & 17)


     c. One Up, One Down (Pages 17 & 18)


     d. The Best Chance of Purple (Pages 18 & 19)