This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Jeanette Lynch's Second Grade Class at 
                                                 Broxton-Mary Hayes Elementary School
                                        By Debra Spell, a Valdosta State Preservice Teacher


Snake! Snake!  Does hearing that word send shivers of fear through your body?  Snakes can be scary, but they are also beneficial to us. Some snakes are now on the endangered species list because they have been hunted and killed. Sometimes the color of the snake can help you tell if it is poisonous or not, but always use caution when you come upon a snake.  Just take a look through the websites below to get a better understanding of snakes.  

What do you know about snakes?  Want to learn  more? Just take a look at the many different kinds of snakes found at Jeff Corwin's Slithering Heights (scroll down to "All Things Corwin" and click on 'Snake Pit').
Some snakes are helpful to people. Can you name a helpful  snake that lives in South Georgia and is on the endangered list?
Want to find out more about a snake that didn't want to be green? Verdi liked his yellow skin just the way it was.
What is the only poisonous water snake in North America? The inside of it's mouth  looks like  cotton.
Red touch yellow, kill a fellow.  Red touch black, venom lack.  Take a look at red, yellow, and black snakes.
There are about 2,700 different  species of snakes.  What portion of these do you think are poisonous?   See what the encyclopedia at Fact Monster has to say about it!


Now that you have explored some snake websites, are you ready

to have some fun?  Pretend you are on an outing with your family at the State Park.  You spot a nature trail winding through the woods and immediately set out to explore.  Hoping to get a glimpse of an animal, your eyes roam back and forth, up and down.  Then you see it!  A SNAKE!  It is not very big and it's kind of skinny, but oh those colors! Red! Yellow! Black!  But is it a poisonous snake?  Or is it a harmless snake?  Well thats what you are going to find out.

Mission Steps

1. Explore with your teacher the Red, Yellow, and Black Snakes  information site and find out how to tell if a snake with these three colors is poisonous (coral snake) or non-poisonous (kingsnake).

2. Choose a snake with the red, yellow, and black colors and find out what kind of snake it is. Describe to your teacher what the color pattern is for this snake. Then, judging from the pattern, decide if the snake is poisonous or not.

3. Make a drawing of the snake you saw in the woods.  Now look at the colors to see how they are connected.  Underneath the picture write the name of the snake (coral snake or kingsnake) and write poisonous or non-poisonous according to the color pattern on it.


                              Some snakes are huge.                     Some snakes are tiny.

                  Greenpython        groundrattler                        

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