Personal Hygiene
This Topic Quest Was Designed for Mrs. Smith's Pre-K Class at Dewar Elementary By Donna Futch a Valdosta State University Preservice Student

Good hygiene is very important for pre-schoolers. These are some things every pre-schooler should know about hygiene.


1 Brushing Your Teeth
This website will allow you to learn about brushing your teeth while you color.

2 Don't Pick Your Nose
This website will teach you about your nose and why you shouldn't pick it.

3 Sneez Right
This website will give you tips on sneezing properly.

4 Hand Washing
On this website you can goin a fun club and learn how and why to wash your hands.

5 Avoiding Contact With Germs
This website will help you learn how to avoid contact with germs.

6 Nose Blowing
This website will teach you how to properly blow your nose.

Mission Activity
Pretend that you are about to sit down to eat you most favorite thing, but there is just one problem. You need to get your hands ready. Draw a picture of you Getting your hands ready to eat. Then you are going to explain your picture to me. Then, I will wrtie your description beside your picture.
This website will help you learn to wash your hands.

Mission Steps
1. Visit the websites. 2. Draw the picture. 3.Explain the picture.

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