Working Together is Fun!

This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Fletcher's Kindergarten Class at Sallas Mahone Elementary School By Deanna Cross, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.

Do you like to work with friends during class?  What happens when your friends don't share with you or when you disagree?  Do you get angry?  Upset?  Mad?  Can you work through your arguements and be friends again?

By visiting the websites in the table below, you are going to learn how working together can be fun.  Also, you will discover some ways to make working together easier.

What does Teamwork Mean? ~ Do you know how to pronounce the word "teamwork"?  Read the definition of "teamwork" and find out for yourself. 
Valdosta Wildcat
Football ~ Camden County Wildcats vs. Valdosta Wildcats at Valdosta.  Do football teams have to work together?  Watch this video to see how they all work together to score points for the whole team.
Creative Kids at Home
Creative Kids at Home ~ Learn how to make different types of play dough.  Working with friends or parents, measure out the ingredients and make the play dough.  Be sure to ask an adult for help if you use hot items (like boiling water or the stove).
Oreo Cookies
That's the way the Cookie Tumbles ~ Instructions for Oreo Competition.  Groups compete by stacking oreo's one on top of the other.  Each person on the team takes turns placing the cookies.  The team that has the most cookies stacked before it falls is the winner.  Each team gets three chances, and the highest number from those three chances is the one that they use. (Other class trials and results: Mollie Borquist, Michelle Burroughs, Mrs. Miller, and 6th Grade.)
What about Bobsled?
What about Bobsled?  ~ Watch a video about friends working together to make, start, and steer a bobsled. What important thing do they forget to consider?  How are all the members of the team needed?  (To view the video click the button that reads "Click here to Watch"
Toucan Sam
Froot Loops to the Max ~ Have you ever wondered which color appeared most in the froot loops box?  This class broke into groups and guessed which color would have the most.  Next, they separated the froot loops by colors and counted how many were in each color.   (Other class trials and results: Lanise Jacoby, Mary Kreul, Mrs. Nash's Class, and Ann Heatherly.)
Alpha-bits Online Project ~ Ever wonder what letter appears most in a box of Alpha-Bits cereal?  This online project will help students work together to learn about estimation, averaging, counting, and more.  (Other class trials and results: Effie Waquespack, Karla Karr, Kathie Sullivan, and Lanise Jacoby.)
Cooperation ~ What does it mean to cooperate with others?  It is another way of saying that you work together as a team.  This web site offers a story about cooperation and a game to see what values you have.  Click on VIEW SITE if necessary.
Cheerleading ~ What does it take to work in a team?  As cheerleaders, these girls must work together to perform.  Can you find different ways these cheerleaders are working together?
Dance ~ Do dancers need to work together?  Watch the two videos on this web page to see how people work together while dancing.  Do you see anyone doing one thing by themselves?  Are some dancers doing the same thing at the same time?

Scenario Mission

Have you ever sat at your table during snack time and stacked your cookies one on top of the other?  Did you wonder how many you could stack before the whole tower fell over?  Some other students had the same question and they found out the answers.  Teams worked together to stack the cookies, record how many they stacked, and measure how tall their stack was.   Visit these web sites to see pictures of what other classes did: Mollie Borquist, Michelle Burroughs, Mrs. Miller, 6th Grade.

Do you think your group could stack more than the ones you saw?  Get into your groups and find out! 

Mission Steps
  1. Click on the That's the way the Cookie Tumbles web site and on the other classes links (Mollie Borquist, Michelle Burroughs, Mrs. Miller, and 6th Grade.)
  2. Look at the pictures of the students stacking oreos.  Talk about what they are doing.
  3. Return to the tables and choose tasks for each student in the group.
  4. Begin stacking Oreos, taking turns.  Make sure EVERYONE gets a chance.
  5. Decide how to measure the cookies in order to know who's stack was the highest.

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