If I Ran the Zoo
Author Dr. Seuss
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Gerald McGrew went to visit a zoo.  When he got there he said "it's a pretty good zoo", but if he ran the zoo, there would be "some changes or two."  Gerald decided that the animals in the zoo were "awfully old-fashioned".  So, this book begins with Gerald imagining all the wild animals he would catch for his zoo.

Gerald hunts for his creatures all over the world, collecting all sorts of beasts "that you don't see every day."  He searched for his animals in the mountains of Zomba-ma-Tant, the Desert of Zind, the far western part of south-east North Dakota, and also Motta-fa-Potta-fa-Pell and Hippo-no-Hungus.  He sometimes even has to use machines he's created such as the Skeegle-mobile, the Bad-Animal-Catching-Machine and the Cooker-mobile.

The animal's have names that are as outstanding as the places they come from.  Some include the gol-darndest lion with two feet; the topknot hens, an Elephant-Cat, a Gusset, a Gherkin a Gasket, a Tufted Mazurka, a Nerkle, a Nerd, a Bippo-no-Bungus (from Hippo-no Hungus of course), and a Seersucker too.  By the end of the book, Gerald imagines the crowd at his zoo cheering and saying "Wow!  What this zoo must be worth!  It's the gol-darndest zoo on the face of the earth!"  And that's what Gerald McGrew would do if he ran the zoo.

Critical Thinking Questions

1.  If you ran a zoo, what would you do? 

2.  If you created a new animal, what features would your creature have and why?

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