Grow Plant Grow
This TopicQuest page is dedicated to Mrs. Copeland's Kindergarten Class at Clyattville Elementary
School by Diana Chartier, a Valdosta State University Pre-service Teacher


Sample craft created by

Robert Chartier

Have you seen the many things that grow in the ground? Do you know some people who grow their own food?
Look below for some fun things to see and do. And to learn how things grow.


Learn how peanuts grow. Did you know the peanuts can't be seen until you dig them up?



On this page you match the parts of a plant and if it is correct it goes into the salad.

Build a Salad

Arbor day in Georgia is the Third Friday in February (State Tree: Live Oak)

For more information about Arbor day and how to celebrate it visit the national Arbor Day site.


What makes plants important? Take a walk through the forest of this online encyclopedia to find out.

Fact Monster


Find out here what plants need to grow healthy.

My First Garden


Are desert plants like the ones you see near your home? Find out more about them at

Desert USA

Help Bud, Sprout, and Detective LePlant, find clues and experiment while learning about plants.
The Great Plant Escape
poison ivy

Some plants look pretty but you need to watch out for them. Here in Georgia a major problem is Poison Ivy.

Discover parts of a plant here

Plants for Kids
Learn songs and dance to them. The names of the tunes to use are included. You can also pretend to be a carrot. Find out how.

Plant Songs


Pretend you are working in a garden shop and we need to learn how plants grow so that we can build a display. This site, My First Garden,  will help you to learn the steps. When you know what plants need to grow healthy you will use popsicle sticks and foam pieces to make a flower.
Mission Steps

1. After visiting the websites and learning about plants you will tell me the four things a
    plant needs to grow healthy.
2. To grow your flower you will need a large popsicle stick (pre paint green or student can
    paint them), glue, foam ball for bottom of container, circle of brown construction paper 
    with a slit cut in the middle, and a plastic container.
3. Put foam ball in bottom of container and press stick into it so there is a slot.
4. Glue pieces of foam to your stick, and put paper over stick, push stick into foam ball.
5. You have now built your display.
6. Give the pieces to your teacher and she will take a picture to post on the Internet before
    returning them to you.

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