The Night the Moon Fell Asleep 
Author: Rodney Rigby
Page designed by: Diana Chartier

Moon Sleep

        One night everyone hears something crash on the ground. When they go to see what it is they are surprised. The moon has fallen asleep. After they try to wake the moon the people called in a doctor. The doctor examines the moon and prescribes a night of rest before trying to find out why she crashed to the ground.

        The next day when the moon woke up the people asked her what was the matter.

    Moon answered, "I am cold and lonely in the sky," and she believes that no one cares about her. A cowboy, an astronaut, a musician, children, and dogs, assure the moon that she is indeed valued. Everyone tells her how the sky looks so different and empty without her beaming face.

        The moon decides she is ready to go back to work, but she needs help to find the right place. After getting back to her place in the sky the moon cheerfully says good night to everyone.

Critical Thinking Questions

1    What would have happened if the people just left the moon alone?
2    How would you tell the moon she is needed every night?
3    How would you have helped the moon get back to her place?
4    What is another ending to the story?

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