A Daily Diet of fundamental exercises is given to each student.  Additional etudes, solos, excerpts, etc. are assigned to strengthen and develop each individual student to their maximum potential.  Below is a list of texts used in the trombone studio at Valdosta State University

Tenor Trombone


Legato Studies

Bordogni/Rochut, Melodious Etudes, Book 1

Fink, Studies in Legato

Bordogni/Rochut, 36 Adv. Legato Studies

Schlossberg, Daily Drills & Technical Studies

24 Italian Songs & Arias for medium-low voice


Alto Studies

Fink, Introducing Alto Clef

Slokar, Complete Method

Urber, First Studies in Alto Clef

Fink, Introducing Alto Clef


Clef Studies

Kahila, Advanced Studies-used for Alto and Tenor

Fink, Introducing Tenor Clef

Blazevich, Clef Studies

Sauer, Clef Studies


Technical Studies

Fink/Introducing the F-Attachment

Hering, 40 & 32 Progressive Studies

Lafosse, School of Sight-reading and Style Books A-E

Slama, 66 Basic Studies

Ervin, Rangebuilding on Trombone

Fink, Advanced Rhythm and Technique Etudes

Charlier, 36 Etudes Transcendantes (yes-the trumpet book)

Bitsch, 15 Rhythmic Etudes

Couillaud, 30 Modern Etudes

Pichaureau/30 Studies in every tonality

Boutry, 12 Advanced Studies

Smith, 30  modern etudes-Top Tones for the Trumpeter (another good trumpet book to use)

Standard Solo literature and Orchestral Excerpts


Jazz Studies

Pederson, Advanced Etudes

Aebersold, as assigned

Gale, 24 Jazz Etudes-w/cassette

Snidero, Jazz Conception-21 Etudes-w/CD,  Bass trbn verson

Nightingale, Multiplicity-w/CD

Nightingale/20 Jazz Etudes w/CD

Mintzer, 14 Blues and Funk Etudes-bass clef

Mintzer, 14 Jazz and Funk Etudes-bass clef

Zentz, Digital Dexterity

Davis, Total Trombone

McChesney/Doodle Studies & Etudes w-CD

Wiest, Take the Lead-Manual for Lead Trombone

Grey, Plunger Techniques w/cassette

Coker, Patterns For Jazz

Jazz majors transcribe a minimum of 7 solos each semester and memorize 15 standard tunes.


Bass Trombone

Aharoni, New Method for Bass Trombone

Ostrander, Shifting Meter Studies

Gillis, 20 Etudes for Bass Trombone

Gillis, 70 Progressive Studies

Cimera, 73 Advanced Tuba Studies

Bordogni, 43 Bel Canto Studies

Gregoriev, 24 Studies for Bass Trombone

Kahila, Semester of Studies for Bass Trbn

Knaub, Technical Studies

Maenz, 12 special studies for tuba

Fink, Studies in Legato for Bass Trombone

Grigoriev, 78 Studies for Tuba

Grigoriev, 24 Studies

Kuehn, 60 Musical Studies

Blazevich, 70 Etudes for Tuba

Goudenhooft, 24 Technical Etudes

Cumings, 30 Etudes

Standard Solo Literature and Orchestra Excerpts