Audition dates for 2008-09 will be posted soon.  If interested in auditioning, please email Dr. Farwell to arrange audition.  Auditions can be setup outside of the two posted audition dates.  The sooner the better, please don't wait until March as all scholarship money will be given out by then. 

High School Seniors interested in Bachelor of Arts degree in music or the Bachelor of Music Education degree should be prepared to play the following:

  • All State Etudes or two contrasting etudes demonstrating marcato and legato styles

  • Scales:  Bb, Eb, Ab, C, G two octaves

  • Any solo you are working on

High School Seniors interested in Performance degree in music should be prepared to play the following:

Orchestral track

  • All State Etudes

  • A standard trombone solo

  • All major scales one octave, a few natural, harmonic and melodic scales of your choice

  • Two standard orchestral excerpts from the following list
    Mozart-Tuba Mirum, Brahms-Symphony #1, Berlioz-Hungarian March

  • Be prepared to sigh read something

Jazz track

  • All State Etudes for Jazz and etude #9 from Book 1 of Melodious Etudes for Trombone/Rochut

  • Jim Snidero 21 solo etudes: IND Line-track 12 1st page

  • Improvise four choruses of Blues changes in F

  • One standard tune-your choice: Head and two choruses improvisated-must be memorized

  • All major scales, all three forms of minor-your choice of which minor scales to play

  • Bring in any original compositions or arrangements you have

Graduate Students in Performance:  Audition material for any graduate student will be setup on an individual basis, but students interested in MM degree in Performance must audition on campus to be eligible for financial assistance.  Limited number of awards or assistance available. 

If you have any questions about solo literature contact me for some suggestions.