The Power of Flowers

This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Force's PreK-4 class
at Valdosta Community Day Care Center by Danny Hoover,
a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.

Flowers surround us. When you go outside, I bet you can see different flowers everywhere! Some are BIG and Some are small. Some you might not even know are flowers at all. You can find out about what makes a flower right here. Let's start smelling the roses.

Do you want to see drawings that students have made of flowers? Click on the picture on the left.
Do you want to learn how to grow your own flowers? Click on the picture on the left.

 Did you know that Valdosta is the azalea city? This link shows you many different types of the azlalea. Click on the picture on the right.
 Have you ever wanted to learn how to save flowers forever? Click on the picture on the right.

 Do you need more information about how to grow flowers or more types of flowers? Click on the picture on the left.
Do you know the tallest plant living? Find this out  and other fun plant facts. Click on the picture on the left.

 There are TV shows about flowers. Click on the picture on the right to find out about one.
 Would you like to find out what kind of flowers are in your area? Click on the flowers on the right.

 Do you know what a sunfower is? Click on the fun sun on the left to find out.
 Have you ever been to Cypress Gardens? Visit now, just click on the picture on the left.


Have you ever used an encyclopedia online? Well hear is your chance, click on the link on the right.

Scenario Mission

Now that you have learned about flowers, pretend you are a botanist (A plant doctor) and you have discovered that one of your favorite flowers is being picked to the edge of extincition (no more flowers). You have one of the few surviving flowers and want to make more. What do you do? If you need help remembering how flowers reproduce click here.

Step 1: Describe your flower to the teacher. Remember to tell about the color, size, shape, petal pattern.

Step 2: Draw a picture of your flower.

Step 3: With your drawing, discuss with your teacher how to take care of your flower and what you will need to do to make more flowers grow.

Step 4: The teacher will write down how you are going to make your flower live for years to come.

Step 5: The teacher will scan your picture and put it on the internet for everyone to see.

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