The Merry-go-Round of Life merygoround
This topic quest was designed for Mrs. Reeves' Kindergarten Class at Lake Park Elementary by Donna Daniel a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.
food chain

Whats for dinner?   Whats own the menu?  As we journey through land and sea, we will discover who eats who.  We will learn why the sun is so important to both plants and animals.  As the merry-go-round spins lets stop and smell the flowers or eat the flowers.  At the end of this food chain, we will discover whose at the bottom of the chain, the last one, the rotten egg.


Who grows the food we eat?  Its' not only" the farmer in the dell" or  "old Macdonald's farm," Planetpals is a website that will explain to you  how our food arrives on the table for all animals and people.


Wanna do a fun activity?  Lets watch a food chain began through the process of a community of producers ?  Watch this group of students as they show us the results of a food


So, you like seafood!  Well, the creatures under the sea loves seafood too!  Come join us as we take a dive and find out  who eats who in the life under the sea.


Whether you live on the earth or under the Sea, the sun is  why we can continue to eat and live.This site explains ways the sun provide for us all.Food chains and webs.


Life under the sea is very similiar to life on land.  Did you know sea creatures eat more than other sea creatures.  Take a look at  how you can learn about the life of dolphin.
Whose at the bottom and whose at the top of a food chain?  Whether you are at the top or bottom we all eat food.
sea animals
Did you know that plants under water need energy to grow?  Our sun is important to the sea life too!  How does the sun get in the water?  Lets take a look at the growth of food under the sea.

Lets visit the very hungry caterpillar and see how he eats.  Let see how much he really need energy to grow.  Can we all grow from the sun.
  If little fish get ate by medium fish and medium fish get ate by larger fish and larger fish get ate by bigger fish, who eats him?  Humans.                          
This site gives a simpler definition for the students to understand different meanings for the food chains.Dictionary

Scenario Mission
Now that we know who eats who and we all need to eat to live; what is going to be for dinner?  You will be the chef. You are going to  make a menu.  You will make a food chain.  You will include one ingredient  every living person, animal, and plant need for survival.  Once we finish the food chain, you will invite your class to join you for a sample of your very own created dinner.  Guess what I heard?  The very hungry caterpillar needs energy.  Lets create a dinner for him.
Mission Steps
1.  Lets take a look at what we will need to prepare the meal for the very hungry caterpillar.  Now visit the website.

2.  The teacher will talk about each process for making the food chain for a caterpillar.  Why the sun is the first stage.  What the second stage for preparing the dinner.  What will be eaten next. Why it is important for the caterpillar to get energy?  Tell how the caterpillar grows and changes after he eats the food.  Ask the students who will eat the caterpillar which will end the food chain.

3.  The teacher will ask the student to draw a picture of each stage in the food chain.  The teacher will present  a picture of a sun, a tree with leaves,  the caterpillar eating some leaves, and a bird.

4.  Now that we have finished feeding the very hungry caterpillar,  we can share the menu with the class.  You will explain to the teacher why you used the sun, the tree, and the bird.



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