Three Little Kittens
by Paul Galdone
picture and page designed by Donna Daniel

    These three little kittens are very energetic, playful, and obedient.  After playing in the house, the kittens decided to go outside.  It's a cold day, so they must put on their mittens.

  They went to their room to get their mittens, but they could not find them.  So they begin to cry, "Oh mother dear see here, we sadly fear our mittens we have lost!"

 The mother got upset and said, "What!  Lost your mittens, you naughty kittens!  Then you shall have no pie."

 The three little kittens began to think; let's find our mittens.  So they begin to clean their room looking for their mittens.

  Guess what?  They found their mittens and they begin to cry, "Oh mother dear see here, we gladly fear our mittens we have found!

  The mother was so proud of her kittens and said, "What!  Found your mittens,  you good little kittens, now you can have some pie! Yes you can have some pie."


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