Donna's Sweety, Tweety Birds
by Donna Daniel

       When I walk the halls at Lake Park Elementary School in Lake Park,Georgia, I am entertained with  art designs, colors and shapes, handwritings, and pictures of animals and rainbows displayed on the walls.
tweety on branch
     Once I arrive in my kindergarten class, I am greeted by some of the sweetest children.  Their little personalities range from talkative to shy, from  loud to soft, from clowning to attentive.  With such differences, the class is always alive!
magnify tweety

     When its time to sing, the children who are loud keep the class on beat.  The talkative children are always willing to answer all of the questions or help the others.  When its time to be quite, the children who speak softly make great examples.

     The teacher acknowledges and praises each child's personality appropriately.  Each child  is rewarded with hand clapps, thumbs-up, high-five clapps,  as well as candies and stickers.  I love that about my mentor teacher!


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