Wildcat Path to Math

Designed by Deb Sechrist

    Wildcats are on the prowl at Locust Grove High School in Henry County, GA.  We are the newest secondary school in the system with a student enrollment of 1,100 and compete in Region 4-AAA.  In the two short years since opening, Wildcats have excelled in their academics, met AYP, competed at State Competitions, received academic and athletic college scholarships, and are graduating their inaugural class of seniors. 


My name is Deb Sechrist and this will be my 3rd year teaching mathematics.  I began my teaching career at Luella Middle School and Union Grove Middle School before moving to Locust Grove High School.  I received my undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia (GO DAWGS!)  and am currently working on my Master's Degree from Valdosta State University.  I am a very blessed mother of four children, one grandson, and a granddaughter on the way!  In addition to teaching math, I also coach softball and tennis at the high school.  In my spare time, I enjoy watching movies, going to the beach, and spending time with my family in GA, NC, and FL.



All of my standard-based classes are inclusion classes with a co-teacher, or academic resource classes in a small group.  All classes are supplemented with Math Support classes. Before and after school tutoring is available at no cost by appointment.  Georgia Performance Standards provide additional mathmatics resource support for students and parents by course.

Math 1 is a freshman level course with 6 units covering Function Families, Algebra, Geometry, Data Analysis/Probability, Statistics, and Coordinate Geometry. Students complete real-life tasks in groups in addition to various skill assessments, and complete the course with a final project of their choosing.

Math 2 is a sophomore level course with 6 units containing containing Quadratic Equations, Right Triangle Trigonometry, Circles and Spheres, Data Analysis/Probability, Piecewise, Inverse, and Exponential Functions, and Finding the Best Model. Students continue to work in groups to complete tasks, are assessed on their skills, and culminate the year with a project.

Ms. Sechrist's Classroom News & Important Dates  
Information will be added for the new school year soon!

Student Resources for High School Math

                                                                          Data Analysis
   Algebra                                                                                           &
      purplemath.com                                                                          Probability

This site provides help for polynomials including factoring quadratics, solving equations, quadratic formula, function notation, function transformations, scatterplots & regressions, midpoint & distance, intercepts, slope & y-intercepts, ood/even functions, complex numbers, inequalities.....find the topic you need
This site provides tutorials for this topic and others.  It also provides homework help and games.  In addition to data & probability, you can find some homework help with algebra, geometry, & trig.  You can also find help with Exponents.

                                                                                                                                       Geometry                                                                       Statistics
         math.com                                                                              analyzemath.com 

This site allows you to "play" with geometric shapes which will clarify congruency & similarity.  Triangles, quadrilaterals, polygon basics, Pythagorean Theorem and right triangles
This site provides help for box and whisker plots, stem & leaf diagrams, factorial questions, permutations & combinations, Mean & Standard deviation, linear regression, normal distribution

                       Trigonometry                                                                         Piecewise Functions                    mathisfun.com                                                                            youtube.com video

This site provides help with right triangles, & SOHCAHTOA.  There are also some vocabulary definitiions as well as games.
This is a video that may not work at school.  Please access this instructional video at home. 



              This is students all-time favorite website for              math games...it is definitely accessible at school!


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Geogia ONmyLine

eBook Website

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